Under the Patronage of

His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein


In The Jordanian Expatriates Conference 2015


Which will be held at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center – Dead Sea, in the period between 28 – 30 July 2015. The conference, held under the slogan “#Jordan_brings_us_together”, aims at strengthening the ties between Jordanians abroad and Jordan, to stand on the challenges facing them and develop sustainable mechanisms for partnership, promote economic participation and improve the services provided to them.

Contribute to the rooting and institutionalizing the process of communication

Connect in the largest conference bringing Jordanian Expatriates from all around the world

Participate in a constructive dialog to serve Jordan and Jordanians

Discuss your matters of interest with selected speakers and specialists

The deadline for submitting applications is July 1st 2015

Due to limited numbers of seats available to attend the conference, submitting your application does not necessarily mean that it is accepted. All applications will be revised and chosen according to specific criteria by a specialized committee. Ratio, diversity of participants’ sectors, excellence, representatives of clubs and associations, activists, participation of youth and women groups, and the number of years spent abroad will be taken into consideration.

Conference Program /

Day 2 – Schedule 4

Session  One
Jordan:  Bright  Past,  Assertive  Present  and  Promising Future

Day 2 – Schedule 5

Round Table  discussion - Role of Heads of Diplomatic Missions Spouses in Enhancing Interaction with Jordanian Expatriates (Limited to Souses of Heads of Missions)

Day 2 – Schedule 6

Session  Two
Jordan:  Regional  and  International  Challenges

Day 3 – Schedule 1

Session Four Jordan: A Success Story: Royal Visions and Initiatives for Sustainable Economic Development

Day 3 – Schedule 3

Breakout Sessions - Investment Opportunities - Jordianian Women Abroad - Education and Higher Education - Social Security and Health Sector - Youth & Entrepreneurship

Day 3 – Schedule 4

Breakout Sessions - Developing Services Offered to Jordanian Expatriates (Session One) - Enhancing Interaction with Jordanian Expatriates - Dialogue on Political and General Interests in Jordan - Jordan: Center of Excellence on ICT - Marketing Jordanian Competencies - The Role of Jordanian Proficiencies in Transferring Knowledge

Day 3 – Schedule 5

Lunch Business Luncheon will coincide with Three roundtable discussions in breakout rooms for a selected participants (15-20 participants) Round Table 1 - Role of Jordanian Media Abroad Round Table 2 - Observatory for Jordanian Expatriates Competencies Round Table 3 - Mechanisms to Folow up Conference Outcomes and Recommendations

Day 3 – Schedule 6

Breakout Sessions - Jordanian Diplomatic Dialogue, Religious Coexistence and Promoting Peace - The Development of Jordanian Industry - The Role of Jordanian Expatriates in Developing Public Administration - Developing the Services Offered to Jordanian Expatriates (Session Two) - Aqaba: A Global Destination - Investment in Jordan Financial Markets

Day 3 – Schedule 8

Session Five Jordanian Expatriates - Success, Challenges and Solutions

Day 4

- Trip to Jerash and Ajloun - Trip to Madaba, Mount Nebo and Baptism Site - Trip to Petra * For participants who registered and booked their trips through JEC Registration System

* All participants should be present at the Convention Center by 10 am.
* An Exhibition for: Trade, Industry, Investment, Tourism, and Services, will be held at the Convention Center.
* Conference Dress Code: Business Attire.
* Dinners Dress Code: Smart Casual.
* Translation Arabic ↔ English is available for all sessions.
* The program is subject to change.


King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre Managed by Hilton – Dead Sea

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